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From Our Executive Director

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It’s official. Winter has arrived. Welcome back High School Students. I would also like to congratulate all the departments in their fantastic dedication working through the long hot summer fulfilling all that needed to be done in order to keep YSI on what looks like to be another profitable year.  As we finish out 2014 with new programs, such as the Regional Janitorial contract and the recently started relationship with Yakima Valley Schools and the Community Access Program, it looks as if we will end 2014 with a bang. These two new ventures are perfectly aligned with our mission and have created many more new meaningful jobs. We won’t stop there as we will look to keep growing in 2015 with new ventures coming our way.  Again I would like to say how impressed I am with the great employees at YSI and how happy I am to come to work each and every day knowing that 1) it will never be boring and 2) that we are all working for a common purpose which is the employment of us all to exceed in our lives each and every day in the work place.  Lets have a great year’s end!

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