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Yakima Specialties prepares and places people with barriers to employment through Supported Employment.

upported Employment is a valuable addition to our services and allows us to offer a complete scope of solution-based assistance to our clients and customers. We do this through: direct placement, supported employment, job coaching, on-the-job evaluation, job club, and employability skills training.

In a nutshell, we help our clients become your successful employees by assisting in any training that is needed for them to excel in their job with your company.




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Our Mission

“Yakima Specialties empowers people with barriers to employment to achieve their highest potential in life and in the workplace.”

Our Vision

Prepare and place people with barriers to employment due to mental, physical, and emotional challenges.

Provide assessment, job and life skills training, and experience resulting in increased opportunities for employment and learning potential.

Increase educational and occupational skills and workplace competitiveness while decreasing social and economic dependency, thereby providing a higher quality of life and an enhanced workforce.


If you are looking for great employees who will be hard working, loyal, and diligent, with lower absenteeism.
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If you are looking for subcontractors to outsource parts of your manufacturing process to.
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If you have a disability or know someone who does or if you need additional training.
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If you would like to learn more about how supported employment can help you reach your business goals.
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Meet Terry Archer, Supported Employment Director

Terry Archer has over 20 years of professional experience working with people with disabilities. She has proven expertise in the fields of pre-vocational training as well as supported employment. Terry is working to develop and implement the Supported Employment Program with Yakima Specialties to serve our business clients and ensure choice and support for people with disabilities.

Terry is a firm believer that all people should have choices in their lives and that integration into the community is a large part of success for us all.

She has been a lifetime resident of the Pacific Northwest and is familiar with the business and employment picture in the area.

Email Terry Archer or call 800-466-0387 for more information.