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akima Specialties Foundation (YSF) was founded in 2003 and is a totally separate organization from Yakima Specialties Inc. It has its own board of directors and its own mission.

The scope of Yakima Specialties Foundation is vast. Where Yakima Specialties Inc. is designed to provide employment opportunists for adults with disabilities, Yakima Specialties Foundation purpose is to help improve the lifestyles of members of the entire disabled community.

Yakima Specialties Foundation helps with:

  • Housing
  • Educational Opportunities
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Food and Clothing
  • Other issues as they arise


Melissa has a mild developmental disability. She had the opportunity to go to work at a small manufacturing company, but lacked the funds to pay for clothing and transportation to the job. YSF helped with a grant to purchase clothing and gave her a modest stipend to pay for gas.


Bob lost the use of his legs as a result of an automobile accident. He's wheelchair bound and needs transportation to doctor appointments and school so he can retrain for a less physically demanding job. An application to YSF funded a specially equip van to ensure his mobility.


Larry was injured in the Gulf War and can no longer work at his construction job. A grant from YSF helped fund books, software and tuition so he could develop a new career in computer technology.


Anna is battling Alzheimer's Disease. She can still live at home but needs professional help which her family cannot afford. YSF funding helped both Anna and her family live a better life.

Ways to Support the Yakima Specialties Foundation

There are many ways that individuals, companies and organizations can support the Yakima Specialties Foundation.

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