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utsourcing and Sub Assembly services At Yakima Specialties, we can save you money in your processes through outsourcing and sub assembly work. If you have a repetitive job that is slowing your processes down or a part or package that can be sub assembled, we can help.

Here are examples of how companies have saved time and money by intelligent outsourcing:

Relabeling Boxes

A manufacturer inadvertently put incorrect bar-code labels on over 53,000 boxes. Re doing the labels would have cost this company substantially in money and disrupted production processes. Yakima Specialties brought in a supervised crew and re labeled all the boxes at their site. A substantial savings in time and money!

Small Parts Kit

Another company required a small parts kit to be shipped with their product. This kit had a number of components that had to be picked, packed and sealed in a plastic bag with a label. Accomplishing this sub-process within their production line was costly and disruptive. A separate crew was brought in to do just this part of the process. This decision saved money and kept the main line running smoothly.


Often a component of a larger product can be sub assembled more efficiently as a separate operation. Depending on the complexity of the work, it can often be accomplished on an “as needed” basis by less expensive labor.

Other Examples

Outsource labor can also be effectively used for: Packaging, Labeling, Box Assembly, Recycling and a number of other jobs.

Benefits of YSI Outsource Labor

  • We provide people at your location at no extra charge
  • We handle Labor and Industries
  • We handle the taxes
  • We provide training and supervision on site
  • It’s flexible and can meet your needs and production schedule
  • There are no extra “fees”


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