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There are three basic types of assessments that may be completed: Independent Living Evaluation, Independent Living Skills Training and Independent Living Work Related Systems Access. The Independent Living Work Related Systems Access may support the individual in maneuvering through process that they had previously not been able to navigate.

YSI is hired to complete these assessments which are contracted through current funding sources.

Independent Living Assessment help in identifying and addressing life issues that may interfere with individual’s in preparing for, getting, or maintaining a job. Independent Living Assessments are as individual as the individual themselves. Some of the assessments may address:

  • Bus training
  • Home supports
  • Supporting individuals to obtain emergency housing, counsel and support in domestic violence situations
  • Identifying natural supports or needed supports in the home to ensure success
  • Extensive assessment of a person’s ability to manage themselves, their home and community life
  • Thoroughly addresses life issues that are barriers to employment; and
  • It defines a person’s strengths and addresses functional limitations.

When are Independent Living Assessments completed?

When the funding agency such as DVR is getting to know their customer  and they have questions about issues that have been mentioned during the discussions with the counselor.