1819 West 'J' Street
Yakima, WA 98902

Benefits to the community

akima Specialties serves the community at large by providing meaningful work and life skills training for people with disabilities.

  • Providing local employers with well trained, dependable, and loyal employees
  • Helping the disabled to find employment in the community and providing job coaching to help with the transition until the client is comfortable in the workplace.
  • Advocating for freedom of choice for the disabled, and supporting the individual’s rights to those decisions.
  • Providing work skills training and jobs in our facility (the only actual production facility or “working model” in Yakima), employing 150 people, most of whom have a documented disability.
  • Advancing social skills for home and the workplace.
  • Enabling community access: working with the severely disabled and giving them access to community outings and projects.
  • Providing community education, demonstrating the benefit of hiring a disabled person and how employers can assist the individual to help ensure success.
  • Getting disabled people out of their homes so they can enjoy being a productive member of the community and society as well as enjoying the benefits of a paycheck and contributing to their own support.
  • Supporting the families of the disabled, by providing their loved ones with a job and sense of purpose
  • Reducing the need for public assistance for disabled employees and clients of Yakima Specialties
  • Integrating disabled members of the community into the greater workforce offers opportunities for increased understanding of the challenges that the disabled face

See our disabled employees at work: